I work with, for and alongside a network of clients, suppliers, partners and friends.

Networks are the future of organisation.

 Here are some of the elements of my network past and present

Company Name


How We’ve Worked with them

Meyler Campbell The leading trainer of coaches in the UK

I am a student on their Business Coaching course and am also helping them with some marketing, brand and communication issues.


Innovative designers.

OnlyConnect and Ideasroom have worked together on a variety of print and web projects described throughout this web site.

The Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge University

The UK’s leading centre for the study of psychological testing and the application of measurement to social issues.

I wrote the Centre’s original strategic plan and worked on their web site and collateral. Originally based at City University, the Centre’s move to Cambridge necessitated new brand and web developments.

The Holst Group

The Holst Group are UK suppliers of the McQuaig suite of materials and of Edward de Bono’s work in the UK.

I act as a non-executive director for the Holst Group

blue2-marketing A marketing agency run by Lois Dabrowski.

We have worked together on a variety of strategic and branding projects.

Thomas International

A leading supplier of behavioural assessments for use in the recruitment and development of staff.

I have been involved in a great number of projects from micro site content and PR to product creation and management mentoring .

The European Test Publishers Group

An industry body of leading European assessment publishers

Providing secretarial, administrative and conference services to an organisation I helped to found 25 years ago. I also represent ETPG at a number of international conferences.

The British Psychological Society

The professional association for UK psychologists

I Write the Careers section for the Psychologist, the Society's monthly journal. I author some articles, edit others and undertake in-depth interviews with key psychologists.

Team Focus

A Maidenhead-based team of business psychologists

Advising on and creating content for web site relaunch as well as strategic advice.

Various journals, newspapers

As part of my services to clients I contribute to a huge number of trade business and HR journals.

I have also contributed to Training Journal, The Mail on Sunday, the Guardian and the Observer on a variety of work-based topics.




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